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So how do you train your dog while relaxing on the couch?  It’s actually quite easy.  Training sessions don’t need to be formal.  In fact, teaching your dog to follow your requests in different areas of the house is important so that your dog learns that he needs to listen to you no matter where you are.

In my home, dogs are allowed on the couch.  That may not be true in your home. However, I taught all but Copper to ‘Look‘ while laying on the couch with the puppy on my stomach.  We learned sit and down with my dogs sitting beside me on the couch.

Since I work on my blog at home I often call my dogs to me practicing the come command when I need a short break from staring at the computer screen.  After my dog is there, we practice the other commands we are working on until I am ready to go back to work.  With my more advanced training activities, I even practice long stays while I am working on my next blog post.

While I’m watching tv I can practice with my dogs during commercials.  I don’t care for commercials much and have no desire to watch them.

When I am waking up in the morning we practice sit and wait when I let them out into the fenced yard.

When my dogs go for a walk we practice loose leash walking or heeling.  We also practice stopping.  I need my dogs to stop at my side when I stop and wait for me to be ready to continue walking.  I don’t like being walked by my dog.  I don’t recommend that you allow it either.  We also take breaks to practice sit, wait, and stay.

By integrating training into daily activities my dogs know that they are required to listen during the regular activities that happen in my home.  This helps them to generalize that they are supposed to listen in other places as well.  This works the same with your children training your dog.

After they know how to do it, they can practice with the dog between video games, homework subjects, between chores, before going to bed, when waking up, and after breakfast.

It is all up to your imagination.  You can practice with your dog any time and any place.  Be creative.  Enjoy your time with your dog.