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Meet Scully.  His name was initially Rascal but it was shortened.  Scully is my oldest dog.  I adopted him as a puppy when I was a sophomore in college.  He loves attention and will insist on getting petted when another animal is being petted.

You would think that because of his small size he would not be the dominant dog in the house.  However, Scully proves that the size of the dog doesn’t matter.  He can make all the animals fall into line when he wants to.  His favorite activity during the summer is sunbathing.  All you have to do to find him is find where the strongest sunlight is coming into the house and he will be on the closest comfortable surface. He doesn’t really care for winter and snow though.  Like me, he came from the south and a foot of snow at a time wasn’t common there.  If the other dogs plough through it for him, he is willing to join them now.

He used to try to get pity by walking on three feet at a time when it was cold outside, like his feet were too cold to be on the ground.  That got him carried, until my husband noticed that he only did it when I was around. After that, his little trick didn’t work anymore.  Talk about your dog outsmarting you.  He is capable of it… and seems to enjoy proving that.

He likes to be wrapped up in a blanket, but when he’s in the right mood he will play as rough and as long as any other dog I’ve seen.  Most of the time he’s content to be the perfect lap dog though.