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Mixed-Breed Dog

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Today I’m going to start talking about how to choose the right dog for you and your family.  There a lot of things to consider, like breed, personality, and finances just to name a few.  The goal of this series to help guide you down the right path so that you end up with the great picture you already have in your head.

Choosing a new pet is exciting isn’t it!  It’s nerve-wracking too.  What if your new dog doesn’t fit into your home?  What if it’s too much responsibility?  Where do you go to get your questions answered?  Where do you start?  How do you choose the perfect family member?

Over the next week or so I’m going to cover:

  • Personality: this will go deeper than just breed types.  Just like people, every dog is different.
  • Finances:  this will cover different levels of cost from the lowest end I can think of to painting your dog’s nails pink.
  • Size: are you looking for a lap dog, someone to go jogging with, or a horse?
  • Age: new puppies smell great, but they are also a lot of work.  Maybe a puppy doesn’t fit what you want.
  • Allergies:  Achoo!
  • Grooming requirements: not just painting your dog’s nails pink.
  • Benefits of a mixed breed: there can be medical and personality benefits to a mixed breed dog.
  • Actually choosing your dog.  Finally! This will cover techniques to make an informed decision when you see the puppy you think will fit your family best.
  • Additional Resources:  breed books, rescue shelters, and some acclamation techniques

Once you work through this list, you’ll be a better informed pet chooser, from being able to tell if your puppy will be huge to knowing how much it will cost to actually own your dog past the first year.  Afterward, choosing a new dog won’t feel like such a daunting task and you will have a road map to finding the perfect match for your new best friend.