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Say OK.

Image by toyohara via Flickr

Sit Stay is the first stay that we are going to learn.  It is the easiest position to get and keep your dog in.  To begin the exercise get your soft treats, cut to about the size of a pea.  I recommend a treat bag to keep your treats handy.  Now get your dog and put on his leash.  You are using the leash to keep your dog with you if he decides to wander.

  1. Lure your dog into a sitting position.  Do not give a treat.
  2. Say stay quickly and give a treat.
  3. Say OK to release your dog and pet them, encouraging them to get up.

You are doing this quickly to make sure that your dog succeeds.  It’s easiest to teach stay when your dog gets it right quickly and continues to succeed.  Practice this 30 times each day for a week.  We will cover the next step next week.