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Someone yesterday found my site through the keywords “dog laying down and won’t move.”  This really concerns me.  I hate to think of the stress of the pet’s parent and probably the pet.  I have heard of dogs who just want to lay down and sleep directly after getting shots.  We have been warned about that in the past.  But beyond that, I’m not qualified to give much advice.

If by some turn of fate you find yourself in the situation where your dog is lethargic (won’t move) and trying to get him to play won’t work or luring and offering treats won’t work, please take your dog to the nearest emergency vet if it happens over the weekend or after your vet closes.  Otherwise get an appointment with your vet but tell them it’s an emergency.  If they don’t say come right in, I’d take him to the emergency vet, and then change who I’m going to as my regular vet.

If my babies are sick and need medical attention, my vet had better be ready and willing to help me, otherwise I will find one who will.

Like I said, I’m not giving any sort of medical advice, I’m just telling you what I’d do in that situation.  I’d lure with play first, then treats, then calls to the regular or emergency vet office and get an immediate appointment without accepting no for an answer… literally.

Since I didn’t have this information on here yesterday, I only hope the searcher either checks back or hopefully has already taken his dog to the vet to find out what the problem is.  At least it’s here now for future pet parents.