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Copper was a wonderful work buddy today.  We went to the doctor and he behaved wonderfully, even helped me to prevent a panic attack from getting worse. He really likes my counselor as much as I do.

She has a secret treat stash in her desk and always asks to pet him.  I always allow it.  It helps him calm into the time we spend there and makes her Copper’s friend as well as my counselor.  I’m grateful for that.  It makes me respect her more that she takes both my emotional wellbeing and my dogs comfort into account.  She really cares about her clients.  I’ve never had that with a counselor before.

Afterward, I was feeling well enough to do something that I haven’t done for myself in over a year.  I got my own prescriptions refilled instead of having Harley do it for me.  Copper really enjoyed our trip through Target while we were waiting for the folks at the pharmacy to do their thing.

I found a killer deal on a huge dog bed at target while we were there.  It was big enough for copper and one of the other dogs or cats to be on comfortably, made of memory foam and only $35.00.  I almost got it.  I’d love to replace our current dog bed and add one in the bedroom in the probably false hope that the bed would be less crowded.  Wishful thinking, I know.