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Before I was a dog trainer I just listened to my vet about what shots my dog needed without wondering what the vaccines protected my dog from.  While I was studying to be a dog trainer I learned about the various vaccines.

For an actual vaccine schedule, talk to your vet.  Ask questions.  You need to understand what is happening with your puppy, what the possible side effects may be, and when to make your appointments.

So, here are the vaccines and what they do:

Distemper: a viral disease that is often fatal.  It attacks the respiratory, digestive, and nervous system.  It is extremely contagious.

Hepatitis:  a viral infection that leads to inflammation of the liver

Leptospirosis:  A bacterial disease that is specific to dogs.  It causes internal bleeding, jaundice, and kidney failure.

Parainfluenza:  The “Kennel Cough”  This is a contagious respitory infection.

Bordetella:  A bacterial infection usually associated with 80-90% of “Kennel Cough.”

Parvovirus:  A common and highly contagious disease.  It attacks the intestine and bone marrow.  This disease can be fatal without very aggressive veterinary care.

Coronavirus:  A viral intestinal infection which is very uncomfortable for the animal.  The virus causes vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, lethargy, and fever.

Lyme:  An inflammatory disorder that is transmitted by ticks.

Rabies:  A viral disease that causes severe neurological disturbances and is almost always fatal.

Heartworm Prevention:  Heartworms are parasites transmitted by mosquitoes.  They damage the heart and lungs.