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Now that Harley is home Copper is finally getting a bit of a break.  He’s enjoying being a dog and not working as much as he was.  In fact, he’s been having a great time out in the new snow.

He loves to get on his back and make “snow puppies.”  He also likes to put his nose in the snow and try to sniff the ground.  Unfortunately there is so much snow that his nose only fits so far.  You’d think this would stop him.  Nope, he just puts his whole head in the snow.  He has a great time at it.  I’ve enjoyed watching him.  I could do without the wet spots on the bed when he comes in and dries himself off.  Unfortunately, nothing but the bed seems an appropriate towel for him.  We’ve discussed this and he seems to think he’s right.  I’ve let him win this little battle.

He’s also having a great time being a subject for my new photography habit.  Unfortunately, I don’t excel at it yet so I have limited pictures for posting.  That will change, but not yet.  It’s a work in progress.

For those of you who don’t know much about service dogs, they do get to be dogs.  They get to play, have fun, relax, and be normal pets when they aren’t working.  Copper enjoys his time off, but he really loves it when he’s working.