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Copper is set up to have a busy three days.  My husband went to visit family and won’t be home till Tuesday afternoon.  That means if I need any help getting from point a to point b (I’m weak after anxiety attacks) it’s his job to help me.  He’s also working hard alerting me to anxiety attacks so I can try to stay calm to prevent them or take medicine on time.

He did a great job yesterday.  I actually managed to get some sleep, which I never manage when he’s out-of-town.  So far, it’s not going badly.  Here’s hoping that continues.

Copper seems quite proud of himself.  He’s smiling like crazy and keeping me busy playing fetch with his squeaky ball.  After Harley is back in town I’ll take Copper out shopping or something to reward him for being such an amazing help.  He loves to visit Target and JoAnns.

I know that psychiatric service dogs aren’t widely used at this point.  It’s difficult to find places that will train them.  Most PSD users are training their own dogs with the help of good dog trainers.  From my experiences with Copper they should be a lot more popular.