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My Service DogCopper has been a very busy boy the last few days.  On Thursday he went out with me to a new medicine doctor.  He alerted to several anxiety attacks, was able to help me calm down and did very well.  Unfortunately, I had a memory problem and couldn’t find my keys on the way out.  Harley came to help me out and he found them quickly.  After all that I sat in the car till I was calmer and then drove home.  He usually likes to go shopping with me after doctor’s appointments.

The past few days I’ve been a little under the weather, so Copper has been tight to my side when I wasn’t asleep… and probably when I was.  He’s been a very good boy.  I am grateful for him each and every time I see him.

When you see a service dog out on the street, remember the person partnered with the dog needs him more than you want to pet him.  Don’t disturb their focus.  I need this big guy.  He’s both a partner and an aide when he’s helping me.