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How do you choose between dog foods when there are so many on the market?  There are so many it’s almost impossible to choose.  It’s pretty difficult and when I first learned about nutrition I changed my dogs’ food that day.  I’m going to qualify all this advice.  This is only one animal professional’s opinion.  Also, I’m opinionated.  Dog nutrition is one of those hot button topics for me.  I am not getting paid in any way (at the time this is published… just in case that changes some day) for any of the brands I recommend.  Check with your vet/trainer/pet sitter etc. for their opinion too.

We’re going to break it down so that you make smaller choices and read less to find your information.  There are two main categories for your dog food:

  • Grocery Dog Food
  • Premium Dog Food

From there you break it down into your dog’s life stage.  These are usually similar in all brands.  You have:

  • Puppy
  • Adult
  • Mature

From there it gets tricky.  Some dogs have special needs.  Does your dog need a weight loss formula or a sensitive stomach formula?  If your dog has special needs definitely consult with your vet.  I’m afraid I do want to caution you here.  Ask your vet if he or she is getting financial compensation for recommending a specific brand of food.  I’m afraid this happens relatively often.

Dog food companies pay veterinarians to use their prescription formulas and to recommend their food.  At least, that is the way it was explained to me.  I didn’t research that one.

In part two we’re going to talk about brands and ingredients.  Hope this helps you and make sure you read part two before changing your pet’s food.