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Kongs are the best toys for new dogs.  I’ve only met one dog who could chew through the material.  They are dishwasher safe thank goodness.

Kongs are made to put things in.  For instance, peanut butter is a popular filling. Kong has several fillings for them as well.  There is a puppy filling, an original flavor, and a liver flavor.  There is also a treat that is shaped like a Kong shaped log and treats that are Kong shaped.  You have lots of options.

Putting some of their dog food in one is a great way to make your pet work a little for their food and keep them entertained at the same time.  If your dog finishes their Kong too quickly try freezing it.

These are great to use while crate training, eating your own dinner, or settling your pet down for bed.

I used them while pet sitting to keep a dog happy and give them an extra treat when I was getting ready to leave.  I made it a part of my agreement for pet sitting to get permission to use Kongs and peanut butter.  I didn’t require my clients to agree to it, but I made sure I knew whether they had any problem with me using them.  Most of my clients ended up buying several after they came back home.

If you have any questions about Kongs please let me know and I’ll do my best to help you.