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There are lots of places you can take your dog.  Depending on where you live, you can visit the dog park.  For those of you who’ve never heard of this, it is an enclosed area, usually with a double entrance where you go through one gate, close it, and then go through the gate to the park, that is fenced and is specifically for dogs to run, play and socialize.

Most pet stores welcome dogs inside.  Take your dog with you when you go shopping.  Or, go window shopping and just take your dog to let him enjoy some time out on the town.

If you live in or near a more urban area there are most likely restaurants with outdoor seating that will allow you to eat with your dog there.  I really recommend this one only for people whose dogs are well-trained.

Change the route you usually take when you take your dog for a walk.  When I’m in the right kind of mood, this is the most amazing experience.  Try to see the world through their eyes.  They are always so excited.  The tiniest thing can be amazing to them.  Look at your neighborhood in a new way and enjoy your dog’s company.  If you have a photography hobby, you might get some good pictures this way.

What hobbies do you do?  Can you include your dog in them?  If you like hiking, camping, or photography most dogs will be happy to go with you on your time outdoors.  My chihuahua would prefer the couch, but the other two would love a good hike.

Are you and your sweetie going on a picnic?  Take your dog along and enjoy a walk afterward.

Open air malls are a good place to take your dog if you are feeling like window shopping and your dog needs some time out of the house.

Regular Parks usually allow animals.  Enjoy the weather with your pooch.  Bring a picnic for the two of you and make it a date.

Sometimes there are special events at pet stores specifically for dog owners.  Usually these are things like decorating a scarf for your dog, games, or fundraisers for local charities.

If your dog is comfortable around water visiting a lake or beach might be just the thing for you.  When it’s warm again, you can all go swimming.  I’ve seen some great pictures of dogs diving off into the water.  Bring a good ball that floats and play fetch until you have a tired pup.

Gormet dog treat stores usually welcome dogs inside to look at or sample the merchandise.  If you want to get your dog a special treat, this could be a fun outing.

Invite all your friends who have (friendly) dogs over and have a doggie date night with all of them.  Plan some movies or music and have some dog toys out.  You and your dog get to socialize with others.