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It is extremely important that your dog‘s first experiences with his crate are positive ones.  To get started secure the door in an open position by blocking it open.  You can secure it open with a piece of cord or prop it open with something like a large book.  You don’t want the door to accidentally hit the door when he is first investigating his crate.  This could startle him and make him less likely to approach the crate again.

SAFETY ALERT:  Never place your dog in his crate wearing a collar or leash. Collar buckles and tags might get caught in the bars of the crate and your dog could strangle.  A Leash could become tangled around his legs or body and injure him or get caught on the bars and strangle him.  ALWAYS remove the collar and leash before closing the door to the crate.

In part two we are going to go over the steps to get your dog accustomed to his crate and ready to be left home alone.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment.  I’m happy to help.