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Copper was wonderful yesterday.  He worked with me so that I could get to a doctor’s appointment on my own.  He alerted me to people approaching when I took him shopping afterward.  He helped me calm myself when I was having difficulty with an anxiety attack.  He relaxed out of the way when his services were not required.

I should explain that I had ECT (Electro-convulsive Therapy) about six months ago for severe depression.  It worked.  However, even with the depression reduced significantly, I still have agoraphobia, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder.

These issues have had me home-bound for the past six months except for the occasional outing with my husband.  I am beginning to get better and Copper is just beginning to work again.

I am extremely proud of how quickly Copper is remembering his job.  I’m also re-training him in obedience.  Yesterday, he remembered to sit when I stop walking, he remembered to sit when I do, he also remembered the proper way to greet people when I allow it, which is usually one time per outing.  He enjoys it so much, that I use it as a way to motivate him to work.  And I’m a softie in some ways.

This is not traditional to allow your service dog to greet people when you are out, so please don’t be offended if you ask to pet a service dog and the owner says no.  Most dogs that come from programs teach the users not to allow it ever.  Copper is an owner trained service dogs, so the rules were mine to make, not the training group’s.

I hope you enjoyed this entry into Copper’s Diary.  Feel free to comment.