Copper has been a wonderfully behaved dog today.  He hasn’t asked to go outside every five minutes.  I think even he is getting sick of the snow.  Wait till we get 14 inches tomorrow.

We practiced look today.  He did well, exceptionally well considering Harley was eating during one of our training sessions.  We did puppy push ups, and he’s taking his first outing with me in a while tonight.  I’m excited.  I’ll feel like I have more freedom again when I can trust him to do his job again.

I know it seems backward, you would think having Harley with me would be the safest feeling and it is, but I feel more independent when it’s just me and Copper.  It’s just the feeling that I don’t have to rely on anyone else.  It’s freedom.  I’ve missed it, and I hope this outing helps jump-start his service dog retraining.