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This piece I didn’t write but it’s so perfect, I wanted to share it with you.  Could the author please contact me?  I’d love to both give you credit and pick your brain.

Training doesn’t have to involve a long commitment of time.  Here’s when you can find some extra time:

  • During commercial breaks of your TV show – Turn the sound down.
  • While your bagel is toasting
  • While you coffee is brewing to tea is steeping, or the microwave or stove is working on your next meal.
  • While your on the phone (remember, you don’t need to give commands when you are capturing good behavior or shaping new ones)
  • While on the toilet (sits, downs, or even “come”
  • Two minutes before your walk – Don’t indicate the walk in any way.  Just start running your dog through the commands he knows.  Reward each correct response.  After the last one, say “Good dog!  Wanna go for a walk?” and go get the leash.
  • Every time you let your dog in and out of a door ask for a “sit” or “down”
  • Every time you put down a food or water dish ask for “stay” or “leave it” before releasing them to their meal
  • While playing fetch ask for sit or down before throwing the ball
  • While your computer is warming up, shutting down, or downloading that slow email or website.
  • When you walk out to pick up the paper or mail you wan use wait at doorways, or practice loose leash walking to the mail box.
  • Every time you start an interaction with your dog unless he is calm and polite – especially when you first come home.  Ignore him if he’s being wild or noisy.

That probably gives you are bare minimum of 30 minutes of practice time per day.  Be creative.  Find ways to integrate training into your daily life.