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Copper and I had an exceptionally long play session today.  We took breaks as he got over excited.  It was fun!  He rested for a while afterward.  Then we practiced sit and down in the form of puppy push ups.

We’ll cover it in the training material, but for those of you who read copper’s diary… puppy push ups is when you put your dog from a sit to a down and then back to sit.  He gets all excited about them.

I always make sure to do this one on a padded surface like a dog bed or carpet.  You shouldn’t do this until you are proficient with both sit and down.

After doing that about 50 times, I had a tired, attentive dog.  It’s an exercise I try to do with him before we go out for him to work as a service dog.  It really does increase the attentiveness of your dog and it’s a fun way to get him excited about working.