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Dog Training...

Image by LoneGunMan via Flickr

The main two differences in training are positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement.  These two types of training are different in almost every way.

As you can tell from my earlier posts, I prefer positive reinforcement…. using treats, affection, and motivation to teach your dog how to do different behaviors.

Negative reinforcement training uses other tools like pinch or choke collars, force (to some extent) and teaching the dog that to remain comfortable, they will do what is asked of them.

Within these techniques, there are many branches of training.  I won’t go into all of those now, but it is safe to say that within positive reinforcement training, if the lure and reward method (what I’ve been teaching you) doesn’t work as well as you would like, there is a method that will.

Send me a comment if you have questions, and have a wonderful day!