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As you know, everyone has their pet peeves.  Retractable Leashes are one of my big ones.  There are several reasons why.  I’ll do my best to explain why.

Retractable leashes teach dogs to pull on the leash.  Since there is constant pressure on the leash for them to move forward, they learn that walking on the leash requires pressure on their neck.  If they go back to a regular leash, they won’t realize that pressure isn’t necessary.

Retractable leashes are dangerous.  The cord or tape burns and cuts the skin if your dog gets wrapped around your legs.  Believe me, I know.  I have had a number of burns myself.

Retractable leashes are not used responsibly by many pet owners.  Not all dogs are friendly and not all people love your dog as much as you do.  Both when I have worked at a pet store and when I visited as a regular customer I had dogs wander up to me because their owner wasn’t controlling their dog.  The owner wasn’t even in sight.  This is dangerous for the owners dog and for you.  You don’t know if the dog is friendly and the owner doesn’t know if whatever dog they might run into is friendly.

If you have questions, comments or even a varying opinion, just leave me a comment.