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Take it teaches your dog not to nip at your fingers when he takes a treat.  Take it can also be used to teach your dog not to take things without your permission.  It’s a very important behavior because you don’t want your dog to accidentally nip a childs fingers.  Biting laws vary from state to state, but in some states that would qualify.

For your dog to learn Take it, it only involves two steps:

Step One

  • Hold a treat out in the palm of your hand (keep your hand flat like a piece of paper)
  • When your dog goes for the treat close your hand into a fist and move it quickly up to your shoulder.
  • Repeat this until your dog stops lunging for the treat for just a split second.
  • Say take it and put the treat at your dog’s mouth.
  • Repeat this 25 times a day or more for a week.

Step Two

  • Repeat step one except add one second per day to how long you ask your dog to wait for the treat.  Repeat this until your dog can wait for a minimum of ten seconds

This behavior is so great once your dog is competent at it.  It’s great at the table if you allow your dog in the kitchen.  It’s amazing when your kids are eating snacks on the couch.  There are so many uses for it, that I think you will really enjoy the benefits.