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In part one we talked about all the different types of people you should have your dog meet.  Now, we’ll talk about the places you can go to find those people.  Visiting different places with your dog has multiple benefits.  It teaches them that going to new places can be fun, it exposes them to new environments so they aren’t afraid of them later, and it gives him access to more people to socialize with.

Here are a few examples of places you can take your dog:

  • Shopping mall parking lots
  • Pet stores (ask your vet if your pet is old enough to be exposed to other animals yet)
  • Friends’ homes
  • Parks (not dog parks yet, just your local park)
  • Ballgames
  • Outside a schoolyard
  • Riding in a car
  • City Streets
  • Suburb sidewalks
  • Rural Areas where there are no sidewalks
  • Slippery floors
  • Parties
  • The Veterinarian’s office (just to say hi and let the receptionist greet the pup)
  • Grooming Parlor (ask your vet before this visit as well if you have a puppy) just to say hi and/or for grooming.

That is my full list for now.  Send me your ideas and I’ll add them to the list.